“The current token markets still lack a tangible and holistic framework for the identification, classification and analysis of different token types, which leads to economic, technological as well as regulatory uncertainty and a lack of transparency for all players involved.” - ITSA

The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) is based in Berlin with the objective of implementing comprehensive market standards for the global token economy

Three-pronged approach to the development and implementation of a standardized framework:

1. Identification à International Token Identification Number (ITIN)

  • Assigning a 9-digit alphanumeric identifier to all types of cryptographic tokens for an unambiguous identification, decreased operational risk and increased transparency

2.Classification à  International Token Classification (ITC)

  • Creating a flexible and extendable framework for the classification of all kinds of cryptographic tokens according to various different dimensions (economic, technological, legal, etc.).

3. Analysis à International Token Database (TOKENBASE)

  • Providing reliable qualitative and quantitative data on +800 cryptographic tokens from +30 exchanges for business and academia in varying granularity and with optional extensions by adjunct data providers.