Sustainable Crypto Selection

We are the manager of the “Sustainable Crypto Selection” (SCS)
Crypto Strategy, powered by ICONOMI

About our SCS

  • Diversified portfolio of crypto assets.
  • Actively managed
  • Risk-adjusted allocation of assets with high outperformance potential.
  • Accessible 24/7

SCS Strategy

  • Allocation decisions based on market capitalization and daily average volume
  • An investment in a particular asset will not exceed 5% of its market cap.
  • No maximum number of assets
  • Work with USDC as a hedge (example below)


(last update October 31th, 2023)

 Crypto Strategy

Our Crypto Strategy composition comprises a risk-adjusted allocation of assets with high outperformance potential.



  • Continuous market-price checks
  • Automated, time-dependent rolling average allocation model
  • Historical volatility and correlation calculations
  • Beta analysis against market and comparable peer groups


  • Increased ETH due to Ethereum 2.0
  • Diversified in 10 or more Coins due to potential in altcoins 2021/2022
  • Working with USDC during bear market periods in 2021/2022


      Our Crypto Strategy with USDC Hedge vs. BTC during bear market period

      SCS compared to other Investment Vehicles

      Recent Developments in Cryptocurrencies